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Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to cope to be more effective and achieve better results with Emotional Power®.

The practical goal or business-based orientation to the exploration of emotional intelligence is to become more aware and skillful at utilizing our emotional abilities. At Connective Intelligence, we classify this process as harnessing Emotional Power®.

Leading with Emotional Power® is designed to support leaders develop tangible leadership skills supported by emotional intelligence. Extensive research has shown positive relationships between the various skills associated with emotional intelligence and leadership success.  Our program links key capabilities of emotional intelligence with the skills and behaviours that have been identified to support sustained leadership success.

Objectives of an EQ-i®/Emotional Power® workshop:

  • Explore the critical relationship that exists between emotional fluency and leadership tasks such as decision making, influencing, collaboration, and leading change.
  • Identify the core emotional skills, drawn from business research, that are most associated with high performance leadership.
  • Identify and align the emotional skills connected to your organization’s leadership competencies and values.

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