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Growth Leadership Indicator

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Connective Intelligence offers the new, proprietary Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI™), a next-generation online diagnostic tool that measures a leader’s ability to drive real growth in their organization through adaptability and innovation. This proven tool will accurately asses your performance effectiveness, providing tangible metrics that create a vivid snapshot of not only your current abilities, but also where you can improve.

We Assess & Develop Growth Leadership

We use the Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI™) to provide tangible metrics that create a vivid snapshot of a leader’s ability to lead organizational growth and transformation. The GLI™ is a proven tool used to accurately assess a leader’s Performance Effectiveness at driving individual and leadership team growth through innovation, adaptability, and resilience.

Next Growth Leadership Certification Program Information

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Includes 1:1 debrief on the GLI™, training materials, ongoing development support, and preferred pricing on growth assessment


The GLI™ comprises three Core Dimensions, each with their own building blocks, which serve as the DNA of Growth Leadership.

Total Score  a barometer of overall capability to lead growth and transformation

Four Principle Mindsets – world views that shape organizational thought and action

Six Focus Areas core knowledge areas required to lead growth and transformation

Ten Skillsetsspecific pathways which underpin growth leadership capability

Where are your leaders and where do they need to be to accelerate growth?

Tier 1Low< 32%
Tier 2Moderate33-58%
Tier 3Proficient59-77%
Tier 4Advanced78-92%
Tier 5Excelling93-100%

Quantitative Diagnostic

Benchmark and Improve Growth Leadership Capability for

Leaders and Teams of Leaders within Your Organization.

The GLI™ was developed by Dr. Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence. Following years of extensive research, development, and testing, the GLI™ is a validated, online, next-generation diagnostic tool that measures a leader’s ability to drive real growth through:

01. Adaptability

This reveals your ability to effectively change structures, process, and culture as required to achieve your organization’s mission, vision, and strategic business objectives.

02. Innovation

This provides a holistic view of innovation, encompassing your internal and external focused efforts to either enhance or create new value.

How can the GLI™ help Your Organization?

Through its 4 Principle Mindsets, 6 Focus Areas, and 10 Skillsets, the GLI™ will help leaders learn how to:

  • Ensure decisions centre on creating and sustaining long-term value for the organization
  • Support a mindset of continuous learning to elevate performance
  • Clarify roles and accountabilities to optimize execution of strategies
  • Objectively prove the viability of information and ideas
  • Leverage customer feedback to achieve better results
  • Ensure the organization’s mindset is aligned with change efforts

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