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The OGI®

The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI®), developed by Dr. Brett Richards, PhD, provides leaders with a validated tool that measures 12 key factors which influence their organization’s ability to grow and transform, adaptively. 

With the OGI®, leaders achieve greater assurance knowing objective metrics are being utilized to pinpoint exactly where within the organization they need to focus talent and development efforts, maximizing ROI on effort, time and dollars invested.

How does the OGI® work?

  • Consists of an online employee survey, structured to suit your organizational demographics, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • Measures and provides a quantitative scorecard, of your organizations readiness and ability to adapt, grow and transform, effectively in line with the 12 key factors, and correlates this score against a series of tiered factors.
  • Provides a detailed report which covers:
  • Your organisation’s overall OGI® score, and your customized demographic scores, in line with your strategy and goals
  • How this score correlates with the percentage potential growth
  • The strength of the 4 mindsets currently operating, and their impact
  • How the 8 Orientations are supporting or detracting from the organization’s ability to grow
  • Recommendations on targeted training and organizational development initiatives to maximize impact on performance and results.

Key Organizational Applications for the OGI®

  • Stimulating Organic Growth and Improving Competitiveness through Innovation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Improved Effectiveness
  • Organizational Transformation – Only 30% of Efforts Succeed

The 4 Phase Path to Improvement With the OGI®

  1. DETECT– Identify and quantify with metrics the hidden forces constraining your organization’s growth and transformative capability.
  2. DESIGN– Pinpoint and develop the right strategies to accelerate your organization’s growth capability drawing on your OGI results.
  3. DELIVER– Implement targeted training and organizational development initiatives to maximize impact on performance and results.
  4. DEVELOP– Benchmark and track your organization’s OGI improvement yearly, as well as assess ROI on effort and dollars invested to drive improvement.

The OGI® Report

The Report provides your organization’s OGI® results at three levels of analysis for each of your demographic profile groups:

  • Total Score – a barometer of overall capability for growth and transformation.
  • 8 Orientations – factors that influence the organization’s approach to growth.
  • 4 Principle Mindsets – “frames” that shape organizational thought and action.
  • 8 Leadership Styles – adaptive styles to support organizational transformation.