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The CAP-360™


The CAP-360™  (Competency Assessment Profile) is an industry-specific benchmarking and competency assessment tool designed to help Account Managers identify their core strengths and potential areas of improvement.  Your own perspectives are compared with how your colleagues (including your supervisor, internal & external customers) view you.  All input is addressed through scientific validation (psychographic) of the data elements compiled into 16 competencies.

Why the CAP-360™?

  • It provides a picture of the functionality of your Account Manager’s behaviour and management skill
  • It provides two levels of overview and details
    • First level is the four quadrants that form the core capabilities of account management
    • Second level are the 16 specific competencies that are weighed by your management
  • It provides reports that capture the team’s and individual’s rankings for management use
    • Individual action plan for Account Manager’s development
    • Specific skills are captured
    • Overall team and Account Manager feedback from customers and colleagues

The CAP-360™ Report

 The Report presents the Account Manager’s CAP-360 results at two (2) levels of analysis:

  • The 4 Core Capabilities of Account Management
  • The 16 Specific Competencies that are at the root of Functional Excellence within the Account Management role.

Customized Weighting for Your Organization: The CAP-360 is designed to enable your organization to conduct a weighting for the 16 competencies according to their needs and business priorities. This serves to make the results for each of the Account Managers even more relevant to performance within your organization.

The Report compares the Account Manager’s Self Rating with those of his/her group of Raters.

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