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Our Certification

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Connective Intelligence Inc. provides a powerful training program which focuses on both knowledge acquisition and organizational application. Professionals choose our programs because it provides them with practical tools and the know-how to maximize their thinking performance and potential in the workplace.

This intensive, highly interactive Trainer Certification and License program provides In-house Trainers, OD Specialists and Independent Consultants with the skills to conduct a wide variety of high impact workshops and performance improvement initiatives using the Effective Intelligence® (EI). Built by business for business, the system focuses on practicality, speed and effectiveness in the areas of leadership, team development, coaching, conflict management, facilitation, problem solving and innovation.


The Effective Intelligence® Licensing Program is designed to harness the thinking power of individuals, teams and organizations so they can think better, work smarter and collaborate more effectively. Built by business for business, the EI system focuses on practicality and effectiveness in the areas of leadership, team development, conflict management, coaching and innovation. 

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TIP (Thinking-Intentions Profile™)

The Thinking-Intentions Profile™, known as TIP, is a unique instrument that makes visible what is normally hidden – the inner drives which shape thought. We call these inner drives “Thinking-Intentions”. TIP strengthens individual and team thinking agility which is essential to better adapt to accelerated change.

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The Organizational Growth Indicator developed by Dr. Brett Richards, PhD, provides leaders with a validated tool that measures 12 key factors which influence their organization’s ability to grow and transform, adaptively. With the OGI leaders achieve greater assurance knowing objective metrics are being utilized to pinpoint exactly where within the organization they need to focus talent and development efforts, maximizing ROI on effort, time and dollars invested.

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We use the Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI™) to provide tangible metrics that create a vivid snapshot of a Leader’s ability to lead organizational growth and transformation. The GLI™ is a proven tool to accurately assess a Leader’s Performance Effectiveness at driving organizational growth through innovation and effective transformation.

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CAP-360™ (Competency Assessment Profile)

The CAP-360™ (Competency Assessment Profile) is an industry-specific benchmarking and competency assessment tool designed to help Account Managers identify their core strengths and potential areas of improvement.  Your own perspectives are compared with how your colleagues (including your supervisor, internal & external customers) view you.  All input is addressed through scientific validation (psychographic) of the data elements compiled into 16 competencies.

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