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“My newly formed Team and I have had the opportunity to spend a day with Brett developing our Brand Identify and align on our high performing team’s behaviors last January. The Thinking-Intentions Profile (TIP) has provided us with the ability to learn about each other’s style and allowed us to build a High-Performance Team Culture we were all excited about right from the start.
The workshop lead by Brett was tailored to our own unique needs and provided us with a very practical approach we are now using to continue to deliver outstanding result and drive engagement. Building our team’s basic guiding principle early on with the TIP understanding has allowed us to experience early wins as a team and enabled us to connect with each other in a more efficient manner thus accelerating the team’s progress through the HPT model of forming; storming; norming and performing.
I strongly believe we did the right thing in getting this workshop completed early. My team felt energized and inspired after this workshop and I can still feel the excitement around continuing on this learning journey.”
Director BioResp, Sales & Marketing

“The Connective Intelligence workshop was an outstanding team-building experience that gave us a common language and tools to more effectively leverage the range of thinking styles on our team. It gave us the opportunity to use those tools on real business issues we were facing during the workshop. My team left the workshop energized and ready to apply the tools for more effective meetings.”
Brand Director
Nestle Purina

“Brett has been a wonderful executive coach. He has been able to create a thoughtful and warm context for me to explore my leadership approach, thinking styles, unique challenges and transition to an executive role. My goal to be an authentic, inspiring, creative and bold leader has been strengthened through my work with Brett. I have gained insights and applied new ideas while building a team and achieving solid outcomes. I feel stronger and more capable of making big ideas work and bringing the best out in myself and others.”
Chief, Professional Practice and Nursing
The Hospital for Sick Children

“NorthwesTel had the opportunity to have Connective Intelligence work with our senior leadership team to not only introduce us to the Effective Intelligence model and tools and help us learn more about our own thinking style and that of the collective team, but to also help us utilize our new learning and tools in developing our business plan that will enable us to be more effective and collaborative in how we work together in problem solving and taking effective action both as a senior leadership team as well as with our direct and indirect teams.  Brett went above and beyond our expectations in getting the outcomes we need to be successful. I have collaborated with Brett and Connective Intelligence many times and he has always surpassed my expectations!”
VP, Customer Experience
NorthwesTel Inc.