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Our Connective Intelligence® potential is realized when our thinking process is able to harness and activate the full spectrum of our mind’s cognitive and emotional capability.”

– Brett Richards, President, Connective Intelligence Inc.

Successful change management procedures allow a company to grow with confidence, giving companies and employees the ability to be more agile, flexible and ready for breakthrough. Navigating successfully through change builds confidence and a sense of readiness during difficult times and stability through success.

Through our Change Programs our clients will gain some advantages through the successful implementation of change management processes. They will learn the skills to empower others to be successful which will create a domino effect in their organization or company.

Thinking Through Change program content:

  • Participants will learn about the cognitive and emotional dimensions
  • Explore the Dynamics of Change – whole systems view of change
  • Deepen their appreciation for Connective Thinking and its essential focus relevant to change

We offer a suite of high impact, change management training solutions fitted for any organizational size.

Here’s What Our Clients Think:

“We have used the Connective Intelligence approach to help facilitate change management. We have always found it to be a pleasure to work with the connective intelligence team and will continue to partner with them as we continue to grow and change.”

– General Manager
Pharma and Biotech