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How To Strengthen Your Resilience and Agility Through Disruption

All of us are reeling from the disruptive effects of COVID-19. Our focus at Connective Intelligence is to help business leaders and client organizations survive and even thrive through disruption.

In his book, Grow Through Disruption, Dr. Brett Richards – developer of the OGI – describes disruption as “not your normal run-of-the-mill type of change. It is far more intense and urgent, brought about by highly turbulent and increasingly complex environments”.

In disruptive times, agility and resilience are essential. Agility does not suggest quick, impulsive responses, nor does it imply ignoring the need to slow down and evaluate how best to protect the health of our employees and the interests of our organizations. Resilience is not stress free, but rather a function of how well we cope with the pressures and setbacks we experience in our lives.

Adaptive resilience and agility point to a mindset that intentionally leverages the full scope of our thinking and emotional capabilities to make the best choices and arrive at the most adaptive solutions for our leaders and the organization.

Virtual Solutions to Sustain Performance and Results with Connective Intelligence:

1. The CIQ Collaborator™– our free on-line collaboration platform enables thinking agility and creative problem solving without the hassle of travel  or concern of meeting live.

  • Enjoy cost-effective and safe virtual meetings/conferences so your teams can work through pressing business challenges associated with disruption.

2. Strengthen Organizational Resilience and Agility with the OGI® (Organizational Growth Indicator) – assess and improve your organization’s ability to adapt and thrive through disruption. A complete virtual solution:

  • The OGI is completed on-line anytime/anywhere 24/7 so if people are working from home, they can still support the organization’s success.
  • Results are presented on-line and you can immediately leverage the OGI results to develop an Action Plan, e.g., training or coaching, for leaders and teams, and,
  • This allows you to both increase your organization’s adaptive capability and keep your people safe.

3. Virtual Coaching, Individual and Team Assessments – our set of assessments that strengthen Leadership and Team Adaptability (TIP, EQ-I, GLI, Resilience) are on-line and we can conduct individual/team debriefs and ongoing coaching on the phone or on-line.

4. Distributed Work Solutions with our Partners at Work EvOHlution – we enable the adoption of distributed work, for you to transition into distributed workplaces, and for those currently working on local or global distributed teams.

If you would like to contact us for a free consultation or learn more about our upcoming Podcast: Make Shift Happen™ Despite COVID-19 Disruption, then please connect with us at: info@connectiveintelligence.com or call: 1-866-THUNK IT (848-6548).