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About GLI™ (Growth Leadership Indicator)

We use the Growth Leadership Indicator (GLI™) to provide tangible metrics that create a vivid snapshot of a Leader’s ability to lead organizational growth and transformation.

The GLI™ is a proven tool to accurately assess a Leader’s Performance Effectiveness at driving organizational growth through innovation and effective transformation.

Total Score a barometer of overall capability to lead growth and transformation.

The GLI™ comprises 3 Core Dimensions, each with their own building blocks, which serve as the DNA of Growth Leadership:

4 Principle Mindsets world views that shape organizational thought and action.

6 Focus Areas core knowledge areas required to lead growth and transformation.

10 Skillsetsspecific pathways which underpin growth leadership capability.


The GLI™ was developed by Dr. Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence. Following years of extensive research, development, and testing, the GLI™ is a validated, online “next generation” diagnostic tool that measures a leader’s ability to drive real growth through:

  1. Adaptability – This reveals your ability to effectively change structures, processes and culture as required, to achieve your organization’s mission, vision & strategic business objectives.
  2. Innovation – This provides a holistic view of innovation encompassing your internal and external focused efforts to either enhance or create new value.


Mindset is a key dimension that supports Growth Leadership Capability within the GLI™. Your Mindset is not just about how you think, it draws on your values, beliefs, emotions and thinking preferences and influences how you engage with people, situations and tasks. The 4

Mindsets shape the leader’s perspective or how they frame situations and challenges, and how they activate their knowledge and skills.


How can the GLI™ help your Organization?

Through 4 Principal Mindsets, 6 Focus Areas, and 10 Skillsets, the GLI™ will help leaders learn how to:

  • Ensure decisions centre on creating and sustaining long-term value for the organization
  • Support a mindset of continuous learning to elevate performance
  • Clarify roles and accountabilities to optimize execution of objectives
  • Objectively prove the viability of information and ideas
  • Leverage customer feedback to achieve better results
  • Ensure the organization’s mindset is aligned with change efforts