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Conflict Resolution


In our experience conflict resolution is becoming more critical to team success because of increasing demands on time, increased pressures on teams to “perform” through continuous change and complexity, as well as the need for team members to work with a diversity of individuals from a wide range of professional disciplines, organizations, cultures and working styles.

Areas where we have deep expertise of high performing teams are:

• Dialogue versus Discussion – how to facilitate effective execution of both - how to structure, type of environment, active listening and effective questions
• Constructive Feedback – how to actually establish feedback as a core skill and tool of high performing teams
• Developing Trust - working actively to establish, maintain and develop trust within the team – trust is a dynamic process that needs ongoing attention
• Establishing Norms for Conflict – proactively establishing processes to resolve conflict within the team, as well as with other teams and external partners

In our Strategic Development program we focus on supporting the effective implementation of organizational change through strategic alignment and skill development.

Using your organization's Core Objectives,  we help create a common framework which integrates and aligns personal thinking energies, behaviours and values.

Contact us today and we will help your team achieve higher levels of team performance and results.

Leading and Learning in the 21st Century with Connective Intelligence® is a program that OPC has developed in collaboration with Connective Intelligence Inc. to support the development of leadership capacity. This program combines Effective Intelligence® and Emotional Power®. Thinking and emotional-intentions are at the root of intelligent action; they steer, drive and influence decisions, actions and results.
Benefits for Educators:

• Increase their awareness with respect to how their thinking style influences and motivates the way in which they teach and interact with their students
• Increase their awareness with respect to the rich diversity of thinking styles of their students, and how that influences their learning style within the classroom, facilitating more effective instruction

The Change Map™ is an in-depth 29 page guidebook and toolkit which provides the 7 core elements of leading and navigating through organizational change. It draws upon extensive business and academic literature focused on both personal and procedural change.

Participants apply real-time change projects using The Change Map™ tool to increase the quality of their thinking, strategizing and execution of their change project.

A multi-disciplinary team from your company is led through the process by Connective Intelligence Inc. We present a series of interlocking management systems, which your team works through. A mix of styles is used with people working either individually, in single discipline sub-teams or in multi-discipline sub-teams, according to the task involved.

Few managers have been trained how to be creative or how to innovate effectively.  Further, at the heart of innovation lies effective thinking - our program demonstrates how people think, how their thinking can be improved and how people can use these skills to generate truly new ideas that drive new value creation for your organization's competitive advantage.