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CI Global Search

Recruitment as art and science

  • Evidence-based recruiting decisions
  • Better fit to role
  • Stronger addition to culture
  • Proven tools
  • Objective candidate assessments
  • Diversity and onboarding support
  • Experienced recruitment
  • Faster ramp up time
  • Higher retention
  • 15+ years of recruiting experience
  • Guaranteed results

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Brett Richards, PhD


Doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems and developer of the GLI and OGI

Deborah Jann

SVP, Client Experience

25 years of innovative talent development experience

Ken Gilmer

Sr. Director of Recruiting & Engagement

15 years of recruiting experience in leadership roles in both corporate & agency recruitment teams

Taylor Andrews

Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Over 5 years of experience in the recruitment and human resources field

Mark Van Dinther

Program Director, Academic & Business Growth

25 years of Human Resources experience specializing in recruitment, selection, training, and leadership