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You and your prospective candidates don’t have time to waste spending hours completing and reviewing assessments.

Our process is fast, valid and cost effective.

Connective Intelligence Inc. offers a complete recruitment solution helping you to determine the degree of Fit between your Candidate and the Job.  We provide you with practical feedback and support beginning with your initial call right through to effectively on-boarding your successful candidate

The Professional Trainer Certification and License programs are delivered by Brett Richards, the leading practitioner and Master Trainer in the System of Effective Intelligence®. Over the last 15 years, Brett has mentored skilled practitioners and delivered the programs to thousands of participants across a wide range of organizations throughout North America and around the world.

Key Benefits:

• Increase in-house expertise and capacity
• Advanced level skill development for trainers and O.D. practitioners
• Receive proven and practical tools to translate insight into effective workplace action
• Learn and apply a common language to improve individual and group performance
• Augment personality 'types' with thinking styles
• Develop creativity and improve innovation skills
• Increase individual and team problem solving & decision making skills
• Improve organizational collaboration
• Improve strategic and critical thinking skills

In our experience conflict resolution is becoming more critical to team success because of increasing demands on time, increased pressures on teams to “perform” through continuous change and complexity, as well as the need for team members to work with a diversity of individuals from a wide range of professional disciplines, organizations, cultures and working styles.

Areas where we have deep expertise of high performing teams are:

• Dialogue versus Discussion – how to facilitate effective execution of both - how to structure, type of environment, active listening and effective questions
• Constructive Feedback – how to actually establish feedback as a core skill and tool of high performing teams
• Developing Trust - working actively to establish, maintain and develop trust within the team – trust is a dynamic process that needs ongoing attention
• Establishing Norms for Conflict – proactively establishing processes to resolve conflict within the team, as well as with other teams and external partners